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Florida’s Finest Kombucha


 We believe we have perfected THE FINEST TASTING KOMBUCHA IN THE WORLD. It’s  Light, Bubbly, Refreshing and low in sugar.

We use a proprietary blend of premium-sourced green tea that is lovingly craft brewed.  It’s naturally flavored from the fresh juice of organic limes with a touch of organic ginger.

Kombucha Fermented Tea, often called a superfood, is packed with beneficial probiotics.

For years Florida’s Finest Kombucha was only available on tap from kegs to insure our customers enjoyed only the best fresh taste and probiotic goodness.  We now have perfected a method to deliver the same great taste and complete probiotics in the convenience of 12 oz. cans. And it stays fresh without the need for refrigeration.

The recyclable can is great to have on the go, poolside, at the beach, at the gym, or on the boat. Fill your cooler with a healthy alternative to energy drinks, soda, mixers or sugary sports drinks.

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Florida’s Finest HEMP Kombucha


“Don’t let perfection stand in the way of improvement.

How do you take the best tasting Kombucha, already regarded as one of the world’s superfoods and make it BETTER?

Answer:  ADD Hemp Extract.

The experts of the fitness and healthcare community have long recognized the high value of Probiotics supplementation. Now there is a huge new wave of research pointing to the multiple beneficial effects of Hemp Extract.

Our team has now combined the two into a potent and delicious beverage in a convenient 12 ounce can.  One serving provides over 5 Billion CFU’s of probiotics Plus 25 Mg. of high quality hemp extract. 

Hemp has been used around the world for millennia and cherished for its benefits. Now you can chill out with a delicious Florida’s Finest Hemp Kombucha, delivered fresh to your doorstep.  It’s perfect to start your day or to get a midday boost. Athletes use it as a pre-workout beverage and as a great recovery drink.  Countless customers report a boost in mental focus and performance that lasts for hours.

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some of the benefits of our


Functional Beverage Cognitive Enhancement

Energy Boosting Healthy Nourishment

Boost Gut Health . Low in Sugar

Only Natural Ingredients



“Several years ago we discovered a Kombucha, known all around the galaxy as the best tasting Kombucha ever. (ok, known by West Palm Beach)   We always lamented that we could only drink it when we visited South Florida.  Why can’t we have this everywhere and share the goodness with our friends and family. How do we solve this problem?”

Being quite optimistic and perhaps a bit foolish we decided to buy the company and bring this awesome elixir to the masses. We encountered many challenges to overcome. Among them; sourcing the finest ingredients, maintaining the light refreshing flavor with each batch, and making sure it stays fresh in our customer’s hands.

We discovered that one of the secrets of this fine Kombucha was that it was only served fresh from taps and was kept ice cold from the day it was kegged. This insured a perfect pour every time. But kegs are clearly not too convenient.

We have worked tirelessly over the last two years to find a way to deliver the same great product with all the flavor AND probiotic goodness in the convenience of cans.  At long last we have finally succeeded. We have christened our new treasure, Florida’s Finest Kombucha. NOW we have brought Probiotic Power to the People”.  Available in Ginger lime Kombucha &  ginger lime HEMP Kombucha.

Please try a twelve pack and share with your friends. We think you will love it as much as we do.

 We have also just teamed up with Amazon.  12 pack cases can be delivered directly to your door with just a one click.   

Sincerely,The team at Florida’s Finest.

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